Next Steps

Nevada Sober Living CenterThrough NextSTEPS – Successful Transition Entering a Productive Society – Vitality Unlimited is helping teens and adults move in the right direction, one step at a time.

Putting One Foot in Front of the Other

Re-entering society as productive citizens with meaningful lives is an enormous challenge for men and women in transition from chemical dependency and incarceration. Through NextSTEPS Vitality Unlimited is helping teens and adults move in a positive direction, one step at a time. The program helps participants get on track with a variety of basic skills for daily living and features instruction in financial literacy as well.

Walk in Their Shoes

NextSTEPS benefits a broad cross section of individuals receiving other Vitality Unlimited services including: teens and adults in residential treatment for drug and alcohol abuse; clients in recovery from chemical dependency and living in housing with supportive services; low-income seniors, other adults (some disabled) and families who reside in Vitality Unlimited’s affordable single and multi-family housing; single mothers in need of support; high school dropouts; and participants in Vitality Unlimited’s outpatient program for recovering substance abusers.

From Baby Steps to Giant Strides

NextSTEPS matches a Vitality Unlimited counselor with a program participant to identify what he or she needs to take steps in the right direction – and then connects the appropriate resources to make it happen. Whether an individual is in need of job development, financial literacy, marriage and family counseling, tenant assistance, school registration or a similar service, NextSTEPS makes the connection. Soon baby steps become giant strides to a life on the right track.

For More Information

For more information on NextSTEPS call 775-738-8004.