Vitality Actions

Help and Hope for Troubled Young Women

young women's mental health living program of nevada - Depression, anxiety, group therapyFor young women with alcohol and drug abuse problems, the promise of the future is tarnished by the troubles of the present.

In 1989, Vitality Center took action to help troubled teen girls, even those who are preganant, by developing ACTIONS – Adolescents Committed to Independence, Opportunity and a New Start. This highly-structured residential treatment program, for adolescent females between the ages of 12 and 17, offers a safe haven where participants can recover from substance abuse and claim their future. ACTIONS programs are offered in Elko, Nevada.

A Refuge for Recovery

young women's counseling, therapy, programs of Nevada - depression and anxietyACTIONS is a clinically managed, intensive residential program with a full continuum of individual and family services designed to meet the needs of each adolescent in treatment for alcohol and/or other drug dependency or abuse. The program is professionally staffed and licensed to also meet the needs of most dual-diagnosis clients (with alcohol/drug dependency and mental health illnesses).

To be admitted into ACTIONS, teens must have substance-related problems, such as acute intoxication and/or withdrawal, biomedical conditions and complications, and/or emotional/behavioral conditions and complications. In addition, individuals must be seeking treatment in a secure and supportive recovery environment in an effort to avoid relapse or continued substance abuse.

Each client is provided a home-like atmosphere with dietician-approved nutritious meals in a positive environment conducive to recovery and beyond. Communication with others outside the treatment facility is restricted during the treatment period. Professional staff is on duty 24 hours a day. Each client’s schedule is highly structured with group and individual sessions which are intensely focused on the recovery process. Smoking or use of smokeless tobacco is not allowed while enrolled in the program.

Sober Living in Nevada - Vitality Unlimited The treatment team includes medical professionals including psychiatrists and psychologists, nursing staff, licensed clinical counselors (LADC), rehabilitation technicians, dietician, credentialed school teacher and support staff. Counselors use assessment tools to confirm the client’s diagnosis and determine the appropriate level of care to create an individualized treatment plan. If necessary, a dual-diagnosis assessment is also completed by a mental health professional.

Sober Living rehabilitation house in Nevada - Vitality UnlimitedThe treatment program, which includes direct and indirect treatment services, emphasizes socially acceptable values, such as self-reliance, responsibility, competency, individual achievement, individual/community protection, and the importance of the family. Topics addressed include adolescent issues and behavior, post-acute withdrawal syndrome, relapse prevention, breaking through denial, medical aspects of addiction, letting go of high-risk behavior, family function and dysfunction, cognitive restructuring, HIV/STD education, parenting, and co-dependency.

Learn Vital Life Skills

The program incorporates life-skills training, peer assessment, experiential learning, goal setting and making healthy choices, personal empowerment, respect for self and others, anger management, and positive growth of self-concept. Continued Education classes are available in-house, plus GED preparation classes for students who have withdrawn from school. Clients are evaluated to determine their educational levels in math, reading, language skills and science. The Educational Coordinator assists clients in maintaining their coursework. Regularly scheduled recreational hours are included.

This highly structured, holistic program develops client’s skills (cognitive, behavioral, social, language, reading, vocational, and others) to resolve their alcohol and drug abuse issues and related problems. Whenever feasible, the client’s affected family members and/or significant others are involved in the client’s recovery program. The length of stay is individualized based on the needs of the client and the American Society of Addiction Medicine Patient Placement Criteria (ASAM PPC-2R). The length of stay is determined by the client’s diagnosis, severity of problem and treatment progress.Mental Health Rehabilitation House in Nevada -Depression, ADD, Anxiety

ACTIONS is open to every woman who needs recovery.

The client and her counselor decide when movement to the next appropriate level of care occurs. Active participation in the comprehensive, appropriate, and accessible continuing care plan is personalized for each client. Vitality Center may have to place a client on a waiting list if our unit is full. Pretreatment will be offered at an outpatient clinic until a bed opens up for you. Clients who are uncooperative or violent can be denied admittance. Clients with medical and/or mental conditions which require a higher level of care than we provide will be referred to another facility. Applicants are accepted and treated regardless of their race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, physical handicap or ability to pay for services. We are accepted by most major insurance companies and are Medicaid approved. Insurance coverage must be verified prior to confirmation of admission. A sliding fee scale is offered to all clients who meet criteria. Treatment should not be postponed due to financial concerns. Lives are at stake!