Vitality Outpatient Services

Counseling and other services for those with alcohol and other drug problems

Vitality Unlimited offers a variety of comprehensive outpatient services at its headquarters facility in Elko, and its satellite offices in Reno, Las Vegas, Incline Village, Winnemucca (also serving Battle Mountain) and Vitality Carson City located at 900 E Long Street, Carson City, Nevada  89706 (Outpatient licensing in process).

Outpatient treatment is appropriate for those with less severe dependencies. It is also necessary for those receiving continuing care after undergoing residential treatment. Personalized treatment plans effectively address client’s alcohol and other drug abuse problems. The program includes drug testing, intervention, evaluation/assessment, education, individual and group counseling, and participation in self-help meetings.

Carson City: Detox, CPC, Residential
Reno: Substance abuse evaluations, Level 1 substance abuse counseling, group and individual counseling


Vitality Center can conduct Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) evaluations and other assessments upon request. Many businesses and government agencies find these services invaluable in maintaining safe and healthy work environments.


Vitality Center counselors have had great success in training families, with the assistance of employers, physicians, psychologists, social workers and other organizations to skillfully confront an addicted person and help him or her begin treatment.

DUI Diversion

The Vitality DUI Diversion Program provides assessment and counseling to DUI third-time offenders referred by the Fourth Judicial District. Reno/Las Vegas do not do DUI Evaluations, but Elko and Carson City do.

EAP Assistance Program

Vitality Center offers employers in its service area the opportunity to contract for its Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  The EAP provides professional assistance for employees with personal problems that can affect their performance on the job.  It is designed to help solve problems before they adversely affect job performance or workplace safety.