Vitality Unlimited CEO Ester Quilici And NBC Political Analyst,  Nichole Wallace

Today in Washington DC

Ester Quilici, the CEO & COO and CFO Dorothy Dexter of Vitality Unlimited/ Vitality Integrated Programs are in Washington DC this week to attend “ Capitol Hill Day “. The Event is hosted by the National Council for Behavioral Health.In today’s presentations by the Public Policy Institute, Wallace was a keynote speaker. During the presentation, MS Quilici was asked to leave the discussion to participate in a behavioral health video to discuss her experiences as one of the first organizations, nationwide, to open a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC). She agreed and was promised a personal introduction and  photo with MS Wallace since she would miss her presentation. MS Quilici was thrilled!

No information yet when the video will be released.

For more information on Capitol Hill Day  and the  National Council for Behavioral Health go to the link below.

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