Vitality Integrated Programs EntranceIs your child struggling in school and you would like to inquire about service specifically for youth and young adults?  “We can do that”!  Does your child struggle with depression, or anxiety and they need someone to talk to? “We can do that too”! Vitality Unlimited offers VIP services.

We are Vitality Integrated Programs or VIP right here in Elko.  We offer comprehensive supportive services to all, no matter how young or old. Vitality Integrated Programs extend their reach and services throughout the northern Nevada community. We support individuals and families in coping with life’s challenges. Vitality Integrated Programs Nevada’s safety net!

Call Vitality Integrated Programs (775)777-VIPS for your personalized appointment today. We’re conveniently located in the Bluffs Professional Center right here in Elko. That’s (775)777-8477. If you need help, “We can do that”!

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